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When you savor our piglets, you will be able to check how by combining an excellent quality of origin and a careful process, quickly and performed by an expert staff can get an unbeatable product, a product with label.

You will always find our products very close to you because / as our customers have distribution centers throughout Spain.

Moreover/ In addition, in the “contact” section, you can request information regarding our products.

Being demanding with the high quality, result of the experience of the work that for more than fifty years we have developed in the company Carnes Pérez Moreno, we are able to offer quality piglets with different formats and customized according to the needs of the client and in the shortest possible time.

From the origin to the plate (si se refiere al plato físico)/ dish ( si se refiere al plato de comida). A product of traditional culture, from farmers through processors to the final purchaser of the product, they will see their needs satisfied with the wide range of services and products of PorkyAvila.


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