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Our company

Mission, view and values.

The story of our/the company begins at the moment when Antonio Pérez Martín and his wife Esther Moreno Gómez, got the official livestock- purchaser- license and began to buy, rent and sell porcine livestock from village to village, until the moment when with the help of their children (son), they were able to create what today is known as Porkyavila.

Our company, at the same time that is committed with its customers, is committed with itself. Moreover, it is committed to the personal challenge which is being in a market such as the piglet one.

The mission of Porkyavila is to continue being a model-company (an example of a company) in this market regarding quality. It is also important to have into account the

customer´s satisfaction at the same time as our workers ´s satisfaction.

Our view is focused on being the first choice for our customers; also it is focused on continuing extending over and on creating a formal impact at the/a commercial level.

The values that mainly characterizes us are quality, personalization, adaptation, persistence and effort.

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