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We accomplish all the processes, since the collection in the farm and supervision of the merchandise, to the distribution/ allocation and the delivery.

We also accomplish the genetic inspection/ control of our animals at the same time as the delivery of the product (in the final distribution).


Our internal quality control, just as / the same as/ the external control that carry through the official services or our customers ‘services, verify all phases of the production process. That is the reason why we can guarantee the maintenance of the high quality that characterizes us.

This important control is only possible due to the collaboration of the entire staff, external and internal, that conforms the human team of PorkyAvila/ Carnes Perez Moreno.

Quality is longer-lasting in memory than price. We hope that your experience with us confirm this premise.

The quality control is started with the compromise and sign of supply with the production farms and it is spread until the delivery to the customers, including all the processes of reconditioning of the product.

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