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Our facilities prepared to offer high efficiency/ output, have the newest pieces of equipment that allow a faster and more effective way to make the processes.

PorkyÁvila has great capacity of daily processing, storage capacity and traffic capacity. The workers, highly qualified, experts in processing the piglet, have the skill and experience required to achieve the health regulation and the expectation of our customers.

All the processes are carried out within the plant and immediately. Thanks to this rapid process, we manage to maintain the tenderness and flavor so characteristic of the quality piglet sucking pig that characterizes this product.

And it is that the origin and control of the product is important, but so is the work of a qualified team of workers that make PorkyAvila´s piglet a product that stands out for its excellent quality.


The production process is always controlled by the internal quality department and verified by external laboratories, applying the most restrictive controls at all times.


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